The following extracts have been taken from recent testimonials. Complete copies of these plus fuller references are available on request.

"With over twenty years experience as head of various international schools, I have worked with many business managers and can confidently say that Paul Cabrelli ranks as one of the very best. His background as a teacher,coupled with his expertise in accounts and facility management and his outgoing personality make him ideally suited to advise on a whole range of school management issues"
Alex Horsley, Ex-Headmaster of Chinese International School, Hong Kong, currently Executive Director, The Center for the Advancement and Study of International Education, Atlanta

"Paul Cabrelli has a great deal of excellent experience as a business manager. He is knowledgeable and works wellwith peole. I highly recommend him"
Kenneth Wrye, Executive Director, United Nations International School, New York

"Paul is great to work with - efficient and effective - he finds solutions to problems and effects needed changes with good humor and precision."
Tonya Porter , Junior School Principal, United Nations International School, New York

"Paul Cabrelli combines expert business management skills with a strong background in international school teaching. He uses this combination to mould a business office into an integral part of the school, taking full cognizance of the unique human resource and fiscal needs, and the political eccentricities of a large internationally diverse institution."
Chris Muller, Director, American International School of Lusaka, Zambia

“Paul has been a catalyst in bringing much needed change to our approach to finance and operations management. As our school grew, we needed the professional knowledge and experience that Paul was able to provide. His recommendations helped us to immediately implement best practices based on proven methods in large international schools. Paul is highly knowledgeable, extremely personable and can be counted on to deliver what he promises and more.”
Linda LaPine, Director, International School of Panama

“Paul Cabrelli comes with a vast pool of skills and experiences. I am happy to refer him to any institution, education or business enterprise which wants the expertise of an individual who is highly competent on the business managerial front with non profit institutions, especially educational institution. Any school seriously interested in expanding its resources and growing its cause should consider Paul’s skills for few if any in Hong Kong have his varied experiences and first hand knowledge of education opportunities.”
Edwin I Epstein, Head of School, Carmel School, Hong Kong

“I write to recommend Paul Cabrelli. Paul came to us at the time when ISF Academy needed to revamp its salary and benefits package and restructure the current sheme of Debentures and Capital Notes. Paul’s years of experience in education have helped us to keep a balances and realistic view on deciding which direction we should take. He works independently and commits to the agreed timeline. I really appreciated having his expertise available. I would recommend his work and service to other schools without any hesitation.”
Shirley Lee, Principal, The Independent Schools Foundation Academy, Hong Kong

“Paul was brought in to front our strategic planning process. We wanted a modern, inclusive approach to writing our new strategic plan and fortunately we had Paul to guide us. Paul has great experience, is calm, personable and really understands the needs of a contemporary international school.”
Alun Cooper, Head of School, United Nations International School, Hanoi, Vietnam

“Paul Cabrelli worked with us on the development of our initial plans for the YK Pao School, a unique new K-12 bilingual in Shanghai, helping us on financial planning, organisational structure and drafting of our strategic plan. His help was invaluable in giving us an insight into the financial consequences of our development plans and he was able to provide a balanced understanding of the needs from both an educational and administrative perspective. Paul combines a highly professional approach with a wonderful sense of humour and is a pleasure to work with.”
Philip Sohmen, Co-Founder and Deputy Chairman of Governors, YK Pau School, Shanghai, China

"When ISKL recently decided to initiate a salary and benefits review, we hired Paul to assist us.  We were delighted with Paul's efforts on our behalf.  He combined financial expertise and experience with excellent people skills.  All constituencies viewed Paul as an approachable person who was a thoughtful listener and an articulate speaker.  Paul's final report was a clearly written and meticulously prepared document.  If given the opportunity to do so, I would definitely utilize Paul's skills once again.”
Paul Chmelik, Head of School, The International School of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia