Pace Education’s mandate is to help international schools in their management, governance and organisation. Based in Hong Kong, we bring a considerable number of years of experience to finding solutions to problems and issues facing international schools today.

With a firm base in education, we understand how schools work and appreciate that schools are special, unique places with unique needs. Although all schools must keep a keen eye on their financial security, solutions which apply in the world of business do not necessarily apply in education. Whether run for profit or non-profit, all international schools have a need for an efficient and effective governance structure, management and organisation.

Pace Education provides affordable and effective solutions to a wide range of issues faced daily by international and independent schools.

Our goal is to assist international schools to achieve their objective of providing an international education of the highest quality possible in the most efficient manner.

Schools are dynamic busy places. Issues and needs change rapidly. School boards, heads and business managers may not have the time or appropriate expertise to tackle some of the problems they face. Problems may arise that are best resolved through the services of specialists from outside the school. We can provide an objective overview of issues. A problem may be solved before it becomes an issue and an issue can be resolved before it becomes a crisis.